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Welcome to Far Frontiers Travel

Welcome to our website — and a whole world of fabulous destinations.

At Far Frontiers Travel we specialise in tailoring single and multi-country journeys precisely to suit you as an individual. We hope that the itinerary examples here will whet your appetite and give you a feel for the quality of bespoke travel we can provide. 

Our service is highly personal and I like to talk in detail about the countries you’d like to visit, the experiences you’d like to have and your special requirements. For every sample trip featured here we have more detailed information to give you a fuller picture of what you might experience in a particular country, and innumerable suggestions for things to do while you are there.

So, if it’s adventure in the great outdoors, culture, history, or just relaxation and pampering you’re after — or perhaps a combination of everything — give me a call. We like nothing more than the challenge of creating the perfect trip and can find you exquisite boutique accommodation, quirky old palaces or an 'off the beaten track' experience which brings you close to life in rural communities. 

Whatever you wish for, we will help you get the very best out of your short break or trip of a lifetime.

“Travel is my great love, but I can’t be out and about all the time so I relish the chance to pass on my best experiences to those explorers with a true desire to discover the world.”
Fiona Brijnath, Director

Fiona Brijnath