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Fiona Brijnath   Fionaoor

Based in an idyllic rural setting in Devon, Fiona Brijnath takes each and every booking personally and is justifiably proud of the reputation which Far Frontiers Travel has earned over the years.

Fiona’s 25-year career in travel began with an extended journey through the Far East, island-hopping in the Philippines and Indonesia and exploring the beaches and hill tribes of Malaysia and Thailand. In the years since, she has visited nearly every region in the world in order to be able to share experiences with her clients first-hand.

She has trekked in Nepal and Bhutan, journeyed across Tibet, covered the length and breadth of India by train, ridden in Mongolia and explored the great architectural ensembles of Central Asia. Further forays include places as diverse as Sri Lanka and Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco and the Maldives. She’s toured Oman by land cruiser, sailed down the Nile, bargained in the souqs of Syria and made several winter visits to Russia. Her quest to develop itineraries she knows her clients will enjoy has seen her riding gaucho-style in Argentina and Chile, exploring Peru and Bolivia and touring the absorbing countries of Indochina. Her polar travels include voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic and dog-sledging in Arctic Norway and Greenland.

“I get tremendous satisfaction from crafting the best travel itineraries possible and in looking after my clients. It’s wonderful that so many come back time and again and have become personal friends over the years. I hardly see it as work at all as I continue to live my passion for travel through my clients.”