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COVID-19 update from Fiona 

We very much hope you are continuing to stay safe and well, whilst at the same time starting to get out and about as lockdown restrictions start to ease.

Here in Devon we are fortunate that our office is in a separate building next to home, so we are able to work with some semblance of normality in these unusual times. I am very much here if you’d like to chat through future plans.

We are already seeing the green shoots of recovery from the havoc that COVID-19 has wrought and many of you are getting in touch with your future plans for parts of the world you want to experience and explore.   With so much uncertainty still with us I’m aware that planning for specific dates isn’t easy, but there is a lot of pre-planning we can help you with - so do call. 

For those who want to combine a Far Frontiers Travel trip of a lifetime with a trip to Antarctica or the Arctic, last month you will have received our brochure covering polar expeditions and voyages for 2021-22 and beyond. Many of the ships have issued special relaxed booking policies for upcoming Arctic and Antarctic voyages – options available include holding all new reservations free of charge for two months, reduced deposit requirements and extensions to final payment deadlines.  Do ask for more details.  If you’re not already on our mailing list and would like to be, please sign up in the box on the right.

This also seems an appropriate time to roll out our COVID-19 FLEXIBLE BOOKING POLICY.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic Far Frontiers Travel will aim to make the booking process as flexible and confidence inspiring as possible and where special conditions apply will adopt the flexible booking policies of all our overseas suppliers.

In addition, we offer our own layer of flexibility where your travel plans may be affected by any future COVID-19 outbreak and I will personally work with you to achieve the best outcome:

 a)    Should the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) change its guidance to advise against all but essential travel to the destination you are booked to visit, you have the option to postpone your holiday, rebook to a different destination or receive a refund.  

 b)    Should your booking be impacted by COVID-19 in any other way, you have the option to change the destination of your existing trip or if this is not possible to postpone your trip to the next possible departure date. This will be done without us imposing additional charges. However, if applicable, you would be required to cover any difference in cost for the new trip.

Of course it goes without saying that all airlines/local suppliers/hotels/ships and transport providers will put in place the required COVID-19 safety protocols and we will send you more details on this before you travel.

Finally, thank you to so many of our clients who have brightened our days lately with lovely messages of support and fantastic feedback from trips taken earlier this year. We are thinking of you, and especially too of all our experienced and trusted operators and trip organisers around the world who enable us to fulfil your travel aspirations.


Fiona Brijnath

21 July 2020