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A bespoke, personal service

If you’ve not travelled with Far Frontiers Travel before and are wondering what makes us special, it is simply that Fiona Brijnath, an inveterate traveller herself, believes in the life-changing magic of travel. Her vocation is in enabling her clients to fulfil their own personal journeys of discovery.

Whether it’s an epic journey or a short break, as soon as she has a feel for what’s in your mind, Fiona will quickly come up with suggestions on how you might enhance your trip and then hand-craft your discussions into a unique and memorable itinerary. Once this is finalised to your liking, our personal service continues all the way through your holiday until your return — Fiona is always on hand to answer any last minute queries or sort out any problems. And when you get back, she loves to chat about your experiences, taking on board your feedback and hearing about any special highlights.

Through our polar travel division, Arcturus, we now offer exciting sea voyages and expeditions to The Arctic, Arctic Russia, Greenland, Norway, Iceland and The Antarctic. Fiona tailor-makes these too — so do ask how best to combine a thrilling trip around South America with an Antarctic voyage, add on a tour of Iceland to your Greenland voyage or enjoy the treasures of Moscow and St. Petersburg en route to Kamchatka in the Russian Far East.

“Speak to Fiona, she’s just brilliant at putting together exactly the itinerary you want with lovely ideas for things you hadn’t thought about to make it really special”.