Mongolia is the most sparsely populated independent country in the world, with a population of less than three million people. Its harsh windswept plains and the starkly beautiful Gobi Desert are a revelation to intrepid travellers. Renowned for the legendary warrior Genghis Khan, whose Golden Horde swept across Asia in the 12th century, Mongolia has many traditions that live on in the nomads of today. Horses still play an important part in an essentially timeless lifestyle where migrations between summer and winter pastures continue just as they did hundreds of years ago, and many children still learn to ride almost before they can walk.

Large tracts of Mongolia remain virtually unvisited, which makes this enormous country a wonderful destination for true exploration, either on horseback or, more comfortably, in a jeep. Its people are predominantly Buddhist and both peaceful and hospitable in true Central Asian style.

Mongolia is one of Fiona’s all-time favourite destinations and her personal travels have taken her from desert and steppe to the mountains, by jeep, horse and train. Who better, then, to handcraft an itinerary for you that is exhilarating but within your limits?

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