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Overland journeys

Are you dreaming of windswept plains, wide open spaces and endless horizons? How about an epic journey by train from Beijing to Mongolia and then by jeep and on horseback through desert and steppe? You could follow the Silk Route from Khiva in the heart of Central Asia, travelling across China to Beijing or traverse the ‘roof of the world’ through the mountain passes of Tibet into Nepal.

It’s all there waiting for you to experience.


Sample itineraries


The Yamal Polar Express

By train across Siberia



By Jeep to the Gobi


Central Asia

Classic Uzbekistan

Travels on the Silk Route

Highlights of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan


Indian Subcontinent

Discover Ladakh

Darjeeling and Sikkim



Journey across Tibet



Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan by Road



Overland across the roof of the world

By Jeep to the Gobi


North Africa

Atlas explorer


Middle East

Forts, wadis and souks of Oman


South America

Lake Titicaca and 4WD Bolivia experience

Patagonia and Atacama