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Morocco bridges Africa and Europe, evoking the romanticism of the camel caravan and the clamour of the bustling souk. Its lively cities, where water sellers rival fire-eaters for attention in the big squares, have labyrinthine medinas to explore; they also have, tucked away from view, the most serene riads built around open courtyards replete with greenery and trickling fountains.

Outside the cities, Morocco’s High Atlas mountain range offers outstanding recreational opportunities for the more active traveller, while Berber villages and the tanneries in Fes, the craftsman’s capital, provide fascinating glimpses into Moroccan life.

We’ve chosen some of the best riads (renovated old palaces and townhouses) and boutique hotels in Morocco to make your short break as special as possible. And if you are seeking lengthier desert and mountain exploration in Morocco, our local knowledge and contacts will help make your trip truly memorable. It is also a great option for self-drive itineraries and for families if you are looking for something more adventurous than a villa holiday. 



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Fiona’s travel tips

DON’T MISS: Dahabiyas, small boats taking 4-6 people — the ‘boutique’ option for Nile cruising.

FOR THE ACTIVE: A dawn climb to St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai or trekking with mules in the High Atlas.

TOP TIP: Morocco used to have a reputation for being a place where visitors got hassled. This has changed hugely. Now you might even have a ‘Monty Python’ moment: “Come on, ask me to buy a carpet”!

Morocco: September to May
Libya: Spring and autumn
Egypt: September to March

Egypt: 5 hours (direct)
4¾ hours (direct)


Clients’ comments

“This was a very last minute break to find some real relaxation and perfect warm sunny weather, it worked totally.”

Richard and Sally Morgan, Morocco long weekend

“Holiday went well and we had an excellent drive guide. Places you chose for us to stay were excellent!”

Lois Fonda, Morocco

“All in all we loved the timeless ambience of the medina, stumbling across picturesque alleyways and shops, wandering down to the port each day to watch the fishermen unload their silvery sardine catch from gaily decked trawlers and walking along the beach before the sun went down.”
Mr and Mrs Graham Bell, Morocco

“So spoilt being met on arrival, charming staff in the riads and guides – especially our driver.”

Mrs Sarah Rising, Morocco

“I have to say straight away that our trip really did exceed expectations. All the arrangements went exactly to plan and we very much enjoyed our experiences of the country, the people and the food. Our guide was excellent and all the organisation that went into our trip and trek was first class. Many thanks for your help in making it such a success.”

Pat and Cicely Roche, Morocco, Mt. Toubkal Climb, September 2011


“We were nervous about travelling to Morocco, it’s the furthest we have ever been away from home. However the arrangements and the accommodation were amazing, and we loved the experience. The overall experience through Far Frontiers Travel was absolutely fantastic.”

Helen Metcalfe and family, Morocco, April 2011


“I just wanted to thank you again for organising such a superb holiday. It's easy today to organise holidays by surfing the internet, but I am just so glad we booked with you. You stuck to our budget and created a fabulous, memorable itinerary for our family of four kids. We met other people en route, covering roughly the same ground, but felt confident we had the better deal – you had found us stylish, family-run hotels, and booked brilliant, appropriate activities with the best local organisations. You also paced the holiday perfectly for the age and stage of our kids. Thank you. I would not hesitate to book with you again.”

Lucy Thomson, Morocco, July 2011