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Middle East

The Middle East is home to some of the most historically significant cultural sites in the world, but remains under-visited because of perceptions and concerns about safety. Spectacular desert scenery combined with startlingly beautiful oases, superb shopping in malls and souks, and surprisingly hospitable people make the region well worth a visit.

Even independent travellers may feel more confident relying on the local knowledge and arrangements that we can provide. Our extensive contacts and expertise in the UAE, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman ensure that you will be able fully to enjoy your visit to their cities or exploration of the desert and wadis by jeep.



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Middle East

Fiona’s travel tips

TOP TIP: The Musandam Peninsula is just a 90 minute drive from Dubai — an easy way to combine the two countries.

READ: Wilfred Thesiger’s Across the Empty Quarter.

Jordan and Syria: Spring and autumn
Lebanon: year round
UAE/Oman: October to April 

Jordan: 5½ hours (direct)
Lebanon: 4½ hours (direct)
Oman: 9 hours (indirect)
Syria: 6¾ hours (direct)
UAE: 6¾ hours (direct)


Clients’ comments

“Loved the goat market, worth the early start, also the fort and old town and markets. We all had a great holiday and are grateful to you for your excellent organisation. Would highly recommend Oman as a destination, also Far Frontiers Travel as an excellent tour firm.

Audrey Price, Sheila Maguire and Hazel Brown, Oman, February 2019


“For a country that was so different it was immensely helpful to have an itinerary put together by someone who knew it. And it didn’t disappoint. Every day was packed with wonderful things. Absolutely fascinating trip, the culture, geography, history and the Omani people were wonderful. Thank you. I saw more, adventured further and was more amazed than if I was travelling independently."

Kathrine O'Brien, Oman, September 2019


We had a wonderful visit, from the moment we arrived until the day we left. A few eyebrows were raised when we said we were off to Jordan, especially two women of mature years, but we could not have felt safer. Our itinerary was perfect from bustling Amman to scenic Aqaba and 10 days was the ideal stay. We were amazed at how mountainous and beautiful the country is.  Mt. Nebo really conveys a biblical atmosphere, but the highlight is definitely Petra, just breathtaking. The food was very good and caters for all tastes and the people are charming.  The spa at the Dead Sea was the best I have ever had, I only wish I could have another! Highly recommended.” 

June Waring and Elizabeth Pybus, Jordan, October 2018


“Fiona always makes the itineraries so exciting. We added the turtle watching and this was quickly incorporated. The holiday went as smoothly as the itinerary and was a perfect mix of relaxation and activity. We would love to go back again and perhaps explore other parts of Oman such as Salalah and the Empty Quarter. We had a wonderful holiday and look forward to planning another trip with you before too long. "

Richard and Sally Morgan, Oman, September 2016


“Fiona, we had truly amazing time in Oman, thank you so much for all you did."

Mr and Mrs Anthony Hallet, Oman

“We thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks in Jordan. It was a marvellous experience visiting so many interesting places, meeting such friendly and welcoming people and learning a little about the past and the present of this beautiful and varied country."

Rob and Jane Aylott, Jordan

“One of the very best holidays we have had. In fact we are seriously talking about going back to Oman next year. The agency was excellent….The guide and the trips were more than adequate, and the rest days perfect. Thank you for your efforts”.  

Mrs Joan Dampney, Oman

“We had a truly memorable trip to Jordan from start to finish and cannot thank you enough for putting it together so professionally and in such a short space of time. One of the best holidays we have ever had.”   

Paul Crayford, Jordan

“We wanted to write and thank you for arranging our recent holiday. It was superb and we had a very happy time. I wrote a little travelogue – I’ve attached it for your possible interest (less a travelogue and more a novel...it’s 5 pages long!) The itinerary was fine, we saw and experienced a great deal but never felt rushed. Loved all of it, I think my ‘travelogue’ speaks for that; planned experiences were as hoped but, as so often, it's the unexpected things that make you smile which are mostly to do with the people you meet. A most wonderful experience was up in the mountains and stopping at a ‘lay-by’ where suddenly we were aware of goats and a Bedouin and two tatty chairs and a little table placed to overlook this beautiful valley below which was the Dana Nature Reserve; the Bedouin produced two plastic cups of the most exquisite Arabic tea and there we sat, drinking in both the tea and this wonderful place which was silent and still and the air so fresh. Asked if I may take a photo of him, the Bedouin seriously and graciously adjusted his headdress and beamed into the camera. Such happenings as this and many others could not have been possible if we’d come on a tour holiday.”

Stewart and Sue Thomson, Jordan, April 2011