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Georgia Itineraries


The best of Georgia - 10 days







Fiona’s travel tips

BEST TIME TO GO: May to mid-November.  May, June, September and October are the best months as it is neither excessively hot nor cold and the days are mostly clear and sunny. The area around Tbilisi is hot and humid in high summer but the mountains are pleasant.  Spring can be wet, so pack a waterproof to be on the safe side. In fact a raincoat and jacket are always handy as the weather in the mountains can vary a lot. 

The legend of Jason and the Argonauts’ search for the Golden Fleece is thought to be based on an actual voyage made 3,500 years ago to the kingdom of Colchis in the Svaneti region where gold was panned from rivers using sheepskins.

The Caucasus: An Introduction by Thomas de Waal; Georgia in the Mountains of Poetry by Peter Nasmyth; Tasting Georgia: A Food and Wine Journey in the Caucasus by Carla Capalbo; Eastward to Tartary by Robert D Kaplan; Bread and Ashes by Tony Anderson.

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