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Islands and highlands of Indonesia

Rice paddies, palaces and volcanoes  |  17 days

Visit three of Indonesia’s most diverse islands, Java, Bali and Sulawesi, each with its own unique character. On Java visit Yogjakarta to explore the Grand Palace, witness exquisite Ramayana dance and roam the unforgettable Borobudur Temple. Mt. Bromo, brooding in Java’s far eastern corner, also deserves a visit as the island’s largest active volcano. Bali brings green rice paddies, shaping a terraced landscape which is centuries old. From here fly to Sulawesi, where the mountainous region of Toraja plays out exotic funeral rituals and reveals its mysterious ‘hanging graves’, housing effigies of the dead.  Since Indonesia’s beach hotels are among the best in the Far East, you should seriously consider a few days’ relaxation at the end of your journey.


Day 1: Depart for Jakarta, Java’s busy capital

Day 2: Arrive at Jakarta

Day 3: Fly to Yogjakarta, cultural centre of Java

Day 4: Explore the Grand Palace, the temple of Borobadur and witness an exquisite Ramayana dance performance in Yogjakarta

Days 5&6: Visit Solo  and Mt Bromo, Java’s largest active volcano

Day 7: Fly to Den Pasar on Bali and drive to Ubud or the coast

Day 8: Ubud or the coast

Day 9: Return to Den Pasar, and fly to Ujung Padang on Sulawesi

Day 10: Fly to Toraja

Day 11: Explore the mountainous region of Toraja and see the mysterious ‘hanging graves’

Day 12:Toraja village walk 

Day 13: Fly to Den Pasar on Bali

Days 14-16: Choose which island/beach you would prefer, fly to London

Day 17: Arrive London


guide price £3,640 per person


Far East

Fiona’s travel tips

DON’T MISS: Indonesia’s extraordinary prehistoric Komodo dragons.

FOR THE ACTIVE: Hill tribe trekking by elephant.

Indonesia: April to September
Malaysia: October to May
Thailand: November to March

Indonesia: 19 hours (indirect)
Malaysia: 13 hours (direct)
Thailand: 11½ hours (direct)


Clients’ comments

“I was indeed satisfied with all the arrangements made by Far Frontiers Travel where my expectations were met and often exceeded. I would certainly use them again to help me plan an individually tailored trip”.

Terry Crimmings
, Malaysia