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Long recognised as one of the world’s major civilizations, China is putting behind it the effects of the Communist era. It’s a vast destination with an amazing variety of options, although it can be difficult to appreciate fully without some local knowledge. This vast and diverse country experiences enormous regional differences in climate owing to its complex topography, with an almost mind-boggling cultural diversity to match. We’ll help you plan the perfect itinerary for your visit, and ensure that excellent English-speaking guides are available to enhance your experiences.

Even if you saw the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in London, nothing can prepare you for seeing them in situ:  Over 7,000 soldiers, horses and chariots unearthed in a vast archaeological dig. The fabled city of Shanghai, once a centre for fishing and textiles is again one of the world's leading cities with a sphere of influence embracing finance, commerce, fashion, and culture.

There is so much to see and marvel at including the mighty Yangtze River and the Three Gorges, and of course, the Great Wall. We also specialise in Silk Route itineraries in Western China.  With so much history, ancient and modern culture, and stunning scenery spread over such a large area, China is worth visiting not just once, but two or three times.



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Fiona’s travel tips

TOP TIP: For those looking for something akin to the Trans Siberian train but without time for the long journey, take the 31 hour journey from Beijing into Mongolia. 

TAKE WITH YOU: Patience. Travelling in China can be frustrating due to the language barrier.

DID YOU KNOW: The Great Wall has a total length of around 8,852km (5,500 miles) and comprises sections of actual wall, trenches and natural defensive barriers such as hills and rivers. The Terracotta Army of warriors and horses dates from 210 BC and was discovered in 1974 by local farmers near Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

BEST TIME TO GO: The best times to visit are spring and autumn.

JOURNEY TIME: 10 hours (direct)

Clients’ comments

“A very big thank you for the unforgettable adventure. To call it simply a holiday does not convey the awe, drama and remoteness of the amazing places we travelled through and visited. And with the worry taken out, because of the detailed arrangements you made and the brilliant guides and drivers who supported us every inch of the way.”   

Mick and Trish Penny, South Korea, China, Tibet, Nepal, May 2019

All in all China was very interesting with beautiful sites and lovely people. I always felt extremely safe. Angkor Wat is of course amazing, I’m so glad I went.”   

Mr and Mrs Gene Howard, China and Cambodia, June 2018

“We had an amazing and fascinating time, life-changing really! I have nearly 1,000 photos to edit!"

Roger and Fiona Hennah, China and Vietnam, May 2016

“Everything was extremely well-organised both pre-departure – with helpful visa advice – and at the China end. All our guides were excellent at their jobs, very friendly and welcoming and made the whole experience very enjoyable and really interesting. The wide area of China we visited gave us a good insight into the country.  
Ashok and Carole Jethwa,

“We had a very enjoyable and interesting time thanks, good guide, good services, very interesting things to see. The ethnic side (food, music etc.) was great and the sights were wonderful. The only very minor downside was that the beds at our otherwise fine hotel were harder than any I have ever experienced anywhere else, I think, but we more or less cured that by asking for extra duvets and sleeping on top of some and under others. Also, the agents in Kashgar/Urumqi/Beijing were very helpful in getting us back to Beijing in the face of bad weather, flight delays and cancellations”. 

and Mrs George Goulding, Long weekend in Kashgar, China