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Bhutan itineraries

Cross the land of the Thunder Dragon - 17 days


Journey into Central Bhutan - 18 days

Bhutan, Nepal

The Chomolhari trek - 15 days

Bhutan, Nepal

Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan by Road - 16 days 

India, Bhutan


Other suggestions

Trek Lunana - 28 days

Bhutan, Nepal

Haa Valley trekking - 15 days 

Nepal, Bhutan

Jewels in the Himalayan crown - 19 days

Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet

The Druk Path trek - 15 days

Nepal, Bhutan

The Bhutanese Tsechu - 11 days

Bhutan, Nepal 



Trip report for Bhutan


Fiona’s travel tips

FESTIVALS: Festival dates vary according to the lunar calendar, so all itineraries will be individually crafted.

MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Having to abandon my vehicle due to a landslide and walk 10 very wet, dark kilometres through rainforest with only fireflies to guide the way. 

TOP TIP: The interior of Bhutan’s monasteries are officially closed to foreigners.  Combine Bhutan with Sikkim, where the monasteries are open to all, for an all-round appreciation.

DZONG DATA:Punakha Dzong was built in 1637 and was the scene of the coronation of the first King of Bhutan in 1907. Built in 1692 on a cliff in the upper Paro Valley, Taktsang Dzong is also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

BEST TIME TO GO: Spring and Autumn

9 hours direct + 3 hours indirect

Clients’ comments

The bespoke trip that Far Frontiers Travel organised for us was truly amazing. We travelled the length of Bhutan – ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon’ - a real eye opener of a trip seeing a Himalayan country that was just on the verge of coming into the 21st Century from an almost Medieval lifestyle, after years of isolation from the rest of the world. We enjoyed a well-planned and organised trip and will never forget a fantastic holiday and experience.

Mr and Mrs Andrew Gale, Bhutan

Eye-opening, exciting, enlightening, challenging, wonderful! A real adventure for the two of us, with some unexpected extras thrown in, like meeting the King and Queen of Bhutan! Everything worked like clockwork. All the right people were there at the right time to meet us, move us on, or take us somewhere - a great relief in strange countries.”

Mr and Mrs Richard Watson, Bhutan and India

“My visit ended with a three day trek through the Gangtey Valley and time to reflect on my return to this wonderful country and its friendly open people, all made possible through Fiona and Far Frontiers Travel. Bhutan is truly magical and to anyone planning to go I would say, do it.”  

Ian Stubbs, Nepal and BhutanPeter Fleming, Bayonets to Lhasa

“Fiona could not have been more helpful. Her knowledge and advice about Bhutan was invaluable in the planning of my trip and her perseverance with the Tibet situation was much appreciated.”  

Sybil Johnson, Bhutan