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Bespoke trips: CENTRAL ASIA – for prestigious private groups

This year we are delighted to have been associated with two very special private groups – in April we organised a Silk Route tour of Uzbekistan for the Indian chapter of the World President’s Organisation and, in July, it was the turn of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs whose wilderness tour took them on a remote and adventurous trek in the High Pamirs in Tajikistan.

One of the party, Diana Everett, a seasoned traveller in Central Asia, had this to say in a letter to our trek leader...

"That was one of the best trips ever and I loved it.  It was an amazing part of the world to be in – so seldom is it possible to go for days without seeing anyone at all except a few shepherds, and walking in one of the most beautiful places on top of the world is a rare treat.  And the flowers were superb.

We all loved our contact with the local people – all so friendly and hospitable, from the delicious lunch under the chenar trees at Big Kamal's uncle's house, to the friendly offers of yoghurt and bread from the shepherds in the yurts, and the meals in the yurts themselves.

Thank you for arranging all that – not something we could have done for ourselves.

Your team were very good and looked after us beautifully, from Kamal making delicious sheep casseroles, to Tilo being generally very helpful to everyone (including kindly mending my broken knapsack), and all the horsemen – who quite often let me ride when it looked as though I would never get up the hill on my feet!

We heard about the Tajik general being killed, and the army fighting with militants.  I am so sorry to hear about this – very worrying for you.  From our point of view, we were lucky that it did not happen earlier, as that beautiful road through the mountains beside the Oxus on the border of Afghanistan would probably have been shut.

It was a particularly nice group – we all had fun together with a lot of laughs – something to look back on with enormous pleasure and nostalgia.

I was so glad we had you as our leader – thank you for looking after us so well.