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Trip reports

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Trip report: SYRIA - Fiona visits Syria


“I have cheap and nasty”. “Oh, No!” he said, smacking his forehead and actually blushing. I mean “cheap and nice”. “So sorry — my English — I have just learnt”. "This friendly and amusing exchange with a shawl seller in the museum souks of Aleppo was typical of my recent visit to Syria. I was there by invitation of the Ministry for Tourism who are anxious to put right the West’s perception of visiting the Middle East and to...

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Trip report: SOUTH AMERICA - Fiona’s journey through Chile


" The cool turquoise waters of the infinity pool danced and sparkled in the sunlight — a rather incongruous sight considering I had just arrived in the world’s most arid desert. The Atacama is an extraordinary region of thermal activity; endless horizons and snow-topped volcanoes stretching over 1,000km from the Peruvian border. I was lucky to be staying at the newly-opened Tierra Atacama, a series of sublime low mud-walled rooms with outside showers, natural slate floors,...

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Client report: BHUTAN – Ian Stubbs makes a memorable return


“After three years I was returning, via Nepal, to the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. I had a holiday organised for six months earlier but my father passed away and all kinds of plans had to be moved around. I must have driven Fiona mad with all that needed doing. Everything was put on hold but then I came up with an idea which gave a purpose to my travels… The flight into Paro airport in Bhutan is one of the most spectacular in the world as you fly along the Himalaya mountain...

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Client report: INDIA - Julia Loxton and Diana Fisher ride in Rajasthan


“My sister Di and I had been discussing another trip to India for some time, and we had decided that we wanted to go to Rajasthan and to combine this with a horse riding safari as we are both keen riders. After many phone calls to Fiona at Far Frontiers Travel, she sorted out an itinerary for us which combined all the elements we wanted. We flew to Delhi and spent a couple of days there visiting wonderful sights, including the old town, Qutb Minar, Purana Quila and the Lodhi Gardens...

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Trip report: INDOCHINA - Fiona in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia


September 2007 "More than one hundred saffron-robed monks, strolling serenely down the road in the early dawn silently taking alms from the local people, will be an enduring memory of my magical visit to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. With its magnificent gold leaf and mosaic temples, elegant French colonial buildings, busy night markets and gentle pace, my days in Laos were filled with a colourful cross-section of life. Everywhere you are met by the friendly Lao greeting...

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Trip report: SOUTH AMERICA - Fiona explores Argentina


" As we drove up into the rolling green hills of the Sierras Chicas, the sandy track, flanked by pampas grass, dipped and rose, crossing tumbling streams until we reached Los Potreros. Its shady lawn gave way to an L-shaped whitewashed homestead and an inviting verandah where three snoozing labradors set the scene for the relaxed atmosphere of the days to come. Los Potreros is special. It is owned and run by the Begg family, fourth-generation Anglo Argentines, who have created a magical way...

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Client report: JORDAN - Peter Wrangham's ten days in the Ancient Kingdom


25 February 2004. "We left the hotel at 7.30am for Petra. The entrance gate is a kilometre from the start of the Siq. The Siq is a gully of about 400 metres through rugged stratified rock and the sides rise on both sides to as high as 100 metres and vary in width from about three metres to seven metres. At peak times of the year with horse drawn carriages (which Philip, our guide, called chariots), donkeys carrying the overweight and so many people, I can imagine the crowd becomes quite...

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