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Download our January 2014 newsletter

january newsletterWe’re kicking off 2014 by showcasing an array of new destinations, trips and luxury places to stay – all handpicked and ready to work into your own personal, unique itinerary!  This issue introduces Japan and Australia – where we’ve put together a select and varied portfolio of activities, luxury outback properties, bush camps, lodges and island retreats.  We’ve got some great new suggestions such as leopard watching or safari by elephant in India, small boat river cruises and luxury retreats in Vietnam and Cambodia, luxury houseboats in Kashmir, how to get up close and personal with pandas in China, homestays in Borneo, a photographic safari in Chile and gentle trekking in Oman.  On the polar front we’ve bear and beluga whale watching in Canada, a new ship for 2016, the first Beringian Arctic Games in the Russian Arctic and the excitement of polar snorkelling in Antarctica for a whole new perspective on life below the surface.  There’s much, much more inside!