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Far Frontiers Travel - latest offers

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Cutting edge Tokyo, 'Hell's Valley' Snow Monkeys, Gassho-Zukuri farm-houses in snow-clad alpine villages, 750-year old Cedar forests, heated loo seats (yes, really!), zip fast Shinkansen bullet trains, chanting monks and Buddhist temple lodgings, Ramen Noodle street stalls, snow-topped volcanoes, 'son et lumiere' over a Japanese garden in the shadow of castle ramparts, bubbling hot springs and Saki, Ground Zero at Hiroshima and a meeting with a traditional Geisha in the secretive world of...

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Take our nine day tour which gives you a taste of Andean Treasures including Quito, the Quilotoa Lagoon, Cotopaxi Volcano, the Devil's Cauldron and Baños, Ingapirca ruins, Cuenca, El Cajas National Park and Guayaquil. guide price £2,335 per person including flights and 4 star hotels on fixed date departure basis. Tours depart monthly. Call for dates as well as details of possible Galapagos extensions or a quotation for a private tour. Explore the Galapagos in...

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